Why Choose Us?

We Go Beyond.

When you first meet Dr. Roca you will soon witness her passion is the number one reason our office is different. No one will plan out what is the right treatment option for you or explain all options to you the way Dr Roca does. It is obvious when you first meet her, starting with the energy she puts into all decisions related to your dental needs and will ultimately care for you as if you were part of her immediate family.

What can your smile do for you that is different than someone else’s smile ?
What can our dental office do for you that is different than traditional dentistry found at many other dental offices?

These are two important questions with a very exciting answer. The reason that we are “different” is because we have chosen to place more importance on the healthcare experience of the whole patient as compared to a limited view of the more traditional dental office approach of cleaning and repairing teeth.

Our approach embraces each patient with the goal of helping them feel better during their visit as well as improving their health for a lifetime. We view our patients as friends. We look at the whole patient for a lifetime as compared to a part of the body for only a portion of their lives.

Our office doesn’t look, smell or feel like a dental office. We don’t limit ourselves to a small number of traditionally provided dental services and like to offer our patients “one stop shopping” for their dental needs whenever it is possible to do so. We love helping our patients reach their full potential of having a healthy, happy and attractive smile while using the mouth as an opportunity to improve the entire body.

We are not “normal”, will never be boring and will always be different!

What can your smile do for you?

Some people just want their teeth cleaned, repaired and replaced and we respect that decision if that is your choice.

Some patients are interested in taking advantage of the many years of experience, hundreds hours of training and the cutting edge services offered at Arlington Smile Center, LLC. Many of our patients travel out of state and many miles to take advantage of Dr. Roca’s expertise and care. Others have been her traditional dental patients for over 29 years.

We welcome patients of all kinds and provide services that many dental offices do not offer. Our additional training and technology allow us to serve our patients who are interested in a more comprehensive approach to care beyond the routine root canals, implants, fillings that we do like other dentists we also offer…

  • Health Focused Dentistry including ideal gum health.
  • Facial growth, function and comprehensive wellness
  • Expansion for all ages from ALF to Homeoblock to MSE to name a few
  • Cosmetic dentistry and facial esthetics by improving aging faces and reducing lines naturally
  • Early childhood tongue function, airway management and facial development
  • Treatments for headache, craniofacial pain and sleep disordered breathing/snoring, *TMD and mirganes that is natural and holistic without drugs.
  • Preventative and Restorative/Traditional Dentistry

More reasons, WHY us vs your local neighborhood dentist

Advanced treatment options available
With Dr. Roca’s experience and training, our office offers many services that other offices do not provide for their patients. Even though we occasionally refer our patients to dental specialists, we are proud to offer most dental services to minimize the inconvenience of needing to seek the care of multiple providers for your family’s dental care.

Emotional considerations
We understand that dentistry is an emotional subject for many who have negative opinions about what they might have experienced in the past. We treat the entire patients’ needs to the best of our ability and love seeing our patients relax and enjoy our office and team. The extra touch of making sure you feel secure, ready and safe are things that our patients have come to appreciate about our level of commitment to their comfort.

Education and experience
Dr. Roca has over 29 years of clinical experience as well as over 1000 hours of post doctoral education. In addition, she possesses accreditations and many certifications that show her commitment to continuing to learn more to serve her patients in ways most dentists have not learned.

We have a Comprehensive Approach
As we assess the needs of our patients and our plan to assist them in their healthcare goals, we consider 5 separate, yet connected components of the basics of oral health.

1)Dental Harmony
The ability of the teeth to complement each other during chewing function as well as the effect of dental infections as they impact the entire body is the very first thing that we evaluate. After all, we are a dental office!

2)Muscular Balance
If the teeth are out of balance, it can affect the muscles of the head and neck, and eventually the entire body.

3)Joint Stability
Without proper support of the teeth the jaw joint, also known as the TMJ (temporomandibular joint), the other joints of the body can also be affected.

4)Neurologic Integrity
Anyone who has had pain in the mouth, head or neck has witnessed the impact of how the brain interprets a signal of discomfort from the mouth and surrounding areas. The facial area supplied by the most powerful cranial nerve in the body (the trigeminal nerve) is directly responsible for almost 50% of what the brain is processing at any given time. We use our knowledge of this impressive and complicated neurological system to help our patients lead healthier, happier lives.

5)Airway Sufficiency
The ability of air to flow from the nose and mouth to the lungs is directly impacted by the structure of the mouth, especially the tongue. We help diagnose potential restrictions in this area and provide solutions to improve the ability to properly breathe and provide oxygen to the body through dental therapies.