Cold Sores & Fever Blisters

Immediate Relief and Fast Healing

Cold sores (herpetic lesions) are caused by a virus, often triggered by physical trauma or in response to stress. When left alone, they typically heal on their own but can take weeks to do so. They are painful and unappealing. That’s why we’re excited to offer immediate, effective treatment with our diode laser. During the treatment, Dr. Roca holds the laser wand close to your skin without touching the surface for 90 seconds, allowing a very low level of laser light to kill the virus.

As soon as you feel the tell-tale tingling sensation of an oncoming sore, we can treat the site with the laser. If treatment occurs early enough, it can stop the sore from forming at all! Even after a sore has broken out, the laser will halt any further development, and it will only take a few days to return to normal, instead of weeks. Those of you who get cold sores know they always seem to arise in one or a few same locations. Our office has seen excellent results if the cold sore is treated at the first sign of a tingle – the cold sore will never return in the same place! Essentially, we are killing the virus in that spot. We also noticed that if we treat the virus after the cold sore has erupted but still has a tingle, it will take many years to return.

This is a fast, affordable treatment. All patients that get this treatment are thrilled with the results. We have never had to do the same area twice. It really works!

Day 1 – Before Treatment

Day 2 – Crusting

Day 3 – Scab forms

Quick and Pain-Free Cold Sore Treatment

Cold sores are bothersome, painful and often a source of self-consciousness. In the past, patients had to wait for the sores to resolve on their own. However, with today’s advanced laser treatments, you no longer have to wait for relief! There is something that can be done about it right now.


What are cold sores?

Cold sores are lesions that typically appear on the lips. They are the result of an outbreak of the Herpes simplex virus in your system. The virus is very common and most often lies dormant. However, from time to time, it will present as “cold sores.” These sores usually last from 10 days to two weeks if left untreated.

Are they contagious?

Herpes simplex virus is contagious and can be contracted through oral contact during an outbreak. It can even be passed along from mother to baby during pregnancy. It can also be spread when you can share a cup or even share a towel. It is very contagious.

Is there a cure?

While there is no cure for the virus, there are ways to treat it. Laser treatment is the newest, fastest, and least painful option!

When is the best time to get laser treatment for colds sores?

With cold sores, the most effective time to receive laser treatment is within the first 24 to 48 hours after symptoms have started (usually noticeable by a tingling sensation). In most cases, treatment at this early stage prevents the virus from spreading.

It has been shown that if treated early, laser treatment reduces healing time dramatically, often down to three days from the usual week and a half.

Does laser treatment hurt?

Laser treatment of cold sores is not as complex or scary as it might sound. The laser does not actually touch your skin, and the procedure is painless.

How does laser treatment of herpes simplex virus work?

We use a precision laser to kill the virus located within the sore, avoiding unnecessary aggravation of healthy tissue and thus allowing your body to heal faster. It is even possible for us to stop the cold sore before it develops fully. If you get a tingly sensation in the lips and the sense that a cold sore is coming on, call us for an appointment. We can treat the area before the outbreak happens.

What should I expect?

The laser treatment of cold sores:

  • Takes just a few minutes.
  • Is pain-free.
  • Encourages your body’s natural healing process.
  • Produces fast results.
  • Greatly reduces the chances of scarring.
  • Makes the virus vanish in the area that it’s located in, preventing further outbreaks.
  • Heals lesions within 24-72 hours after treatment.
  • Provides immediate pain relief.

Don’t suffer! Schedule an appointment immediately by calling 703-237-7622 for a 90-second treatment and instant relief.