Internal Bleaching

Do you have a stubbornly dark tooth that doesn’t lighten with teeth whitening treatments? It may be a dead tooth or darkening as a side effect of a root canal. Often when a tooth dies, the tooth discolors because it no longer has any blood supply going to it. The tooth eventually becomes grey and often gets darker with time, and traditional teeth whitening is unable to remedy the color as the darkness is coming from the inside of the tooth and not its surface. At Arlington Smile Center, our dentist can help lighten your tooth with internal bleaching in Arlington, Virginia. To learn more about internal bleaching and whether or not this treatment can help lighten your tooth or teeth, call our office at 703-237-7622 today and schedule your visit with Dr. Lupita M. Roca.


Often, when a tooth has died and begins to darken, it does not actually have any cavities or fracturing, so our team is hesitant to put a veneer or crown on an otherwise healthy tooth. Our goal in all procedures is to preserve your original smile whenever possible, and we would much rather add internal bleach to lighten the inside of tooth so it has a much more natural appearance. If you are curious about our process or would like to schedule your visit for internal bleaching, please feel free to call our office.

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