Snap-On Smile

Beautiful Smiles Made Easy!

Many patients would love a cosmetic makeover, but seek alternatives to veneers or other cosmetic procedures. Were excited to offer such an option with Snap-On Smile. Do you want a nice smile at a very affordable price? Snap-On Smile might be right for you. There is no tooth preparation required, no adhesives, and best of all, no drilling or shots. The appliance simply fits over your teeth. Its easily removable and can even be worn while eating. Snap-On Smile can last for years, but is affordable enough to be a temporary solution. Many patients get Snap-On Smile to wear on their wedding day or for wedding photos. It is a wonderful way to get a beautiful smile for your big day or while searching for a new job, without all the other necessary dental work required for permanent crowns or veneers. Our patients tell us that they are impressed by the natural look and feel of Snap-On Smile. We think you will be too!



Actual Patient Before


Actual Patient After


Actual Patient Before


Actual Patient After

Questions about Snap-On Smile

The procedure is completely painless. All we need to do is take an impression of your teeth. It requires no shots, no drilling, and no removal of your natural tooth structure.
Snap-On Smile will not damage your natural teeth. Simply follow the use and care instructions.
Snap-On Smile does not stain easily, but just like with your natural teeth, certain products such as coffee, wine, or soda can cause staining. Your Snap-On Smile comes with a cleaning kit to help you maintain its wonderful appearance.
Snap-On Smile is designed to cover your entire upper arch or bottom arch. We will work with you to finalize the best smile makeover for you. However, often patients just want a few teeth covered or one replaced tooth while you wait for an implant. Not a problem – we can make any length you need as long as you have enough teeth for the appliance to snap on top.
The Snap-On Smile appliance is expected to last several years with proper care. This is the same length of time as other removable appliances such as partial dentures, brux guards, or night guards. Like everything it will depend how well you take care of it.
During your first brief appointment, we will determine if you are a candidate and, if you are, we will make an impression of your existing teeth. In a few weeks, your new Snap-On Smile will be ready, and you can come in for a second brief appointment. We’ll simply pop it in after a few minor adjustments, and you can wear it home.
A special cleaning solution is supplied when you first receive your Snap-On Smile. Refills are available and can be reordered through our office.
Snap-On Smile is removable and simply snaps in and snaps out. It is held in place by your natural teeth and does not require adhesives or glue of any kind.
We will not make a Snap-On Smile if it will look bulky. We only will recommend it if you are a good candidate. Arlington Smile Center has been doing Snap-On Smile since they first were fabricated, and Dr. Roca has met very few patients who were not good candidates.
Often when patients are missing teeth, you may have a lisp or trouble saying certain words, so in this case speech improves. However, as with anything new, there is a learning curve. If you practice reading out loud to yourself, within a couple of weeks you are talking just like before if not better.
Schedule a complimentary consultation by calling (703) 237-7622, and discuss if Snap-On Smile is the right option for you.