Educational History, Accreditations and Certifications

1981 St Agnes Catholic grade school
1985 Georgetown Visitation High School Preparatory School for Girls
1989 University of Mary Washington
1993 Virginia Commonwealth University – Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry

DDS certification from Virginia Commonwealth University (MCV-VCU)

Over 30 years of monthly classes on subjects such as of root canals, implants, periodontics, orthodontics, airway and cosmetic dentistry

Advanced Invisalign® Certification since 1999.

Dental school is 300 class hours over 4 years and Dr. Roca has completed these additional classes in the last 5 years totaling in well over 1000 hours:

  • Connecting the Dots – Dr Ben Miraglia
  • The BaleDoneen® Method for the Prevention of Heart Attacks, Ischemic Strokes and Diabetes: Appreciating the Role of Oral Health
  • Cosmetic Dentistry – Minimal Invasive Smile Design
  • QOM certification in Orofacial Myology as a certified qualified orofacial myologist with Sandra Holtzman.
  • Advanced Certification in Healthy Start – Dr. Jill Branch
  • Beginners Myobrace® Certification with Dr. Barry Raphael, Dr. German Ramirez, Dr. Kathy Sherry
  • Two advanced Myobrace® certifications with Dr Barry Raphael
  • Advanced Certification in Myobrace® from the Netherlands. This involved five days of lectures with Dr. Chris Ferrall, Dr. John Flutter, Dr. German Ramirez, Dr. Luca Levrini, Dr. Chris Norton, Patrick McKeown and Peter Helderop
  • Advanced certification in the cranial facial growth complex using Myobrace, TMJ-BDS, and sleep disordered breathing specifically training hours with Dr. Barry Raphael and Dr. Ana Gomez
  • Silver Invisalign® Clear Aligner premier provider
  • Advanced training in myofunctional therapy with Sandra Pinkerton
  • Ambassador of the Breathe Institute, and trained in functional frenum releases by Dr. Soroush Zaghi, MD (TBI)
  • Graduate of the Tongue Tie Academy (TTA) in the Advanced Live Patient Course with Richard Baxter, DDS
  • Pediatric Tongue and lip ties weekend class taught by Dr. Brynn Leroux, DDS and Dr. Matthew Rowe
  • Attended Collaboration Cures Conferences 2018,2019,2020,2021 and 2023 which is a collaborative meeting, with AAOSH, AAPMD (American Association of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry), and other allied organizations. Experience hands-on workshops, joint sessions, multiple tracks and networking with medical, dental, and allied health fields. This is a rapidly growing movement created to battle the epidemic of chronic disease, poor performance and reduced quality of life.
  • American Laser Study Club Breathe and Thrive Symposium 2020, 2021
  • Certified as a practitioner trained in Integrative Breathing Therapy ( IBT) with Dr. Rosalba Courtney, DO, ND, PHD in Breathing, Buteyko breathing, Resonance Frequency Breathing, Capnometry, Heart Rate Variability, Biofeedback, Intermittent Hypoxic Training, Mindful-Breath and Movement, resistance training breathing and dynamic breathing.
  • Graduate of the Right Sleep for Clinicians Mini Residency with Dr. Stasha Gominak, MD
  • Graduate of the Alf interface academy with Dr. Nordstrom
  • Graduate of ALF Therapy and the Cranial Concept with Dr. Ljuba Lemke.
  • Trained with Dr. Lois Laynee on Restorative Breathing and Cranial Nerves Neurosequencing.
  • Graduate of Airway Health Solutions Mini-Residency for Pediatrics and Adults – Dr. Ben Miraglia
  • Alumni of Advanced Airway Health Solutions Mini-Residency with Dr. Ben Miraglia
  • Trained on MSE throughout the years with Drs. Rebecca Brokow, Won Moon, Richard Ting, Audrey Yoon, Martha Evans and Ilya Lipkin
  • Graduate of Fast and Functional Neuromyofascial release for TMD and orofacial pain with Timothy king and Sarah Beach
  • Graduate of postual restoration institute weekend class on occlusal cervical restoration by Ron Hruska
  • Buteko-trained with Patrick McKeown
  • Heart Math – Certified
  • Graduate of one-on-one training with Dr. Theodore Belfor, DDS to learn his comprehensive patient evaluation of face and airway development with cone beam 3D X-Ray (CBCT), the restoration of autonomic nervous system and toning the airway to help sleep disordered breathing using the Homeoblock™ and Pod Appliances.
  • Graduate of Forwardontics, Postrural Orthodontics and GOPEX using the Wong Widget and Biobloc Orthotropics with Dr Simon Wong and Dr. Sandra Khan.
  • Graduate of Dr. Ilya Lipkin’s two-weekend Advanced MSE/MARPE course, 2022
  • Graduate of Dr. Courtney Lavign’s Early Ortho Intervention course, 2022
  • Myo Munchee Certification
  • Graduate of Dr Lipkin MARPE advanced part 2 October 2023
  • Graduate from 3 days at BPOL – Beyond Perio Ortho Limits Jan 2024 With an all star cast. ( Dr Todd Scheyer, Dr David Alfi, Dr Mariana Evans, Dr Audrey Yoon, Dr Daniel Ramos) we reviewed everything MARPE, SFOT, MMA and Digital Smile Design
  • Sleep Education Consortium April 2024 – 3 day conference known as “a transformational educational experience on Sleep for medical and dental practices”
  • Graduate of Ilya Lipkin TMJ concerns in Ortho and marpe weekend class. March 2023
  • Graduate of Dr. Courtney Lavign’s Early Ortho advanced Intervention course part 1 & 2 2023



  • Founding Member of ASAP ( Airway, Sleep and Pediatric Pathways) study club
  • Member of the Virginia Dental Association
  • Member of the American Dental Association
  • Member of the Northern Virginia Dental Society
  • Member of the International Affiliates of Tongue Tie professionals
  • Member of the Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry
  • Member of Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy
  • Member of the Foundation for Airway Health
  • Member of the ALF Midliners Study Club
  • Member of the Breathe Outlook Research Initiative
  • Member of American Laser Study Club
  • Member of the Academy of Orofacial Myology