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Thank you, Ivy for your beautiful drawing! It made our day.

“Hi Dr. Roca – My 5-year-old daughter, Ivy, had her first dental visit with you last week, and is STILL talking about it! She made this card for you all by herself (with a little spelling help from me), and couldn’t wait to send it! Thanks!”

“There is nothing to write negatively. As always great attention to details and professional service. I will continue to be a patient. Keep the good work.”—Alberto Lopez-Silvero

“The staff are pleasant and kind. Lupita has Angel hands when it comes to anesthesia shots. Over all she’s one of the best dentist in the Nation.”—Alicia Guillermo-Fontana

“Excellent dentist and staff!”—Melinda Costa

“As always, my deepest gratitude for your excellent work, Julie. My teeth are happy and bright and shiny. Thanks also, to Dr. Roca for her precise eye and meticulous care regarding the health of my teeth. And of course, I must say a thank you to the wonderful Diane, always on top form regarding administrative issues. Her positive spirit and kind heart are tangible even over the phone lines. I’m so grateful and happy that I discovered you all there at Arlington Smile Center.”—Paula Kirby

“It is always a positive experience!”—Michael Landrigan

“Wonderful staff and environment. We are new to the area and stumbled upon Arlington Smile Center due to the positive reviews online. What a blessing! Dr. Lupita was fantastic. My kids not only got excellent care, but also felt comfortable and happy. My daughter even said as we were leaving that she wants to come back here every day because she loves this dentist!”—Jennifer Mendez

“Great and relaxing as usual.”
—Karina Rojas

“We always love our visit to Dr. Roca.”—Laila Hailey

“LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Roca and crew. Always a pleasant atmosphere – I think this is vitally important for those who don’t like going to the dentist (MEEE)!!!!I’ve been with Dr. Roca for years and what made me choose her years ago was that she was very sensitive to the fact that I’m not a dentist lover and I don’t like pain. She holds your hand every step of the way with communication ALWAYS checking with you to make sure there’s no discomfort or pain. She has wonderful energy and young spirit.”—Kimberly Stover

“Once again excellent service from Diana to Lupita. Dr Roca accepted my choice to do the procedure without the pain killer. Very good discussion during the procedure. I knew what was happening throughout. This visit completes the services that started three years ago. A wonderful experience with great staff. Will recommend your service to friends and others.”—Richard Buckley

“The genuine concern and attention to my discomfort was immediately addressed. Dr. Roca explained what had occurred during my treatment elsewhere. She fixed it. We also spoke of treatments that had been discussed at home and offered other, never mention possibilities. I was given enough time to digest the information and time to evaluate treatment so I won’t leave concerned or uncomfortable. Many thanks!”—Liza Mendoza Taylor

“Dr Roca was great. She and her assistants did an excellent job. They explained all my options to me, very clearly, and I never felt uncomfortable and about a very large dental decision I had to make.”—Anon

“Dr. Roca is amazing. It is an education each time I see her. I now have a plan to take better care of my teeth.”—Robin Hall

“Wonderful treatment, as always! You make me feel like family!”
—Martin Baumann

“If you dread going to the dentist this is the place for you. Cheerful and professional staff. They treat your teeth like special children. Prompt to call you for your appointment and efficient about getting you out on time. Never less than a pleasant experience.”—Kathleen Mc Dill

“Dr. Roca really stays on top of developing problems, and explains what she’s doing. So maybe they can be prevented!”—Anon

“Everyone in Dr. Lupita’s office is pleasant and helpful. I broke a piece off of a back molar and they managed to fit me in the very next day. The consultation was unhurried and informative and together we came up with a treatment plan which I felt comfortable about.”—Jeanne Kamensky

“Dr. Roca is the best dentist I’ve ever had. I enjoy keeping my appointments and seeing the staff everyone is wonderful.”—Penny Taylor

“Most friendly and professional office staff I have visited in over fifty years! Dr Lupita and her assistant Yely worked together to assure the permanent bridge met my expectations. Of course, being a “perfectionist”, Dr. Lupita gave extra time and energy to offset the Lab’s miscue. Two days later, my tongue is delighted to be touching porcelain enamel instead of the temporary plastic.”—Richard Buckley

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